Its NFP-Day For Global Markets

December 02, 2016 08:49

Following a good-run on Wednesday, mainly due to upbeat data-points, the US Dollar had to take a step backwards on Thursday as nearly four-month high Jobless Claims and weaker than expected ISM Manufacturing PMI stopped traders from supporting greenback ahead of today's crucial NFP details. The EUR remained sluggish with...

Optimism Returns With OPEC Deal

December 01, 2016 09:32

Wednesday proved to be a good-day for global traders as once in eight years production-cut deal by the OPEC & non-OPEC oil producers fueled market optimism, making investors focus back to Fed rate-hike issue. The Crude prices surged after the announcement and the CAD also reflected the same positivity. On...

Greenback Rally Fades, US GDP & OPEC Meeting Are In Focus Now

November 29, 2016 08:18

Even with no major economics to trade, US Dollar Bulls had to gulp-down a negative daily closing on Monday as traders seem more concerned about OPEC meeting and Italian referendum with expectations that greenback surge was "too fast, too far". The same outlook helped safe-havens, including Gold and JPY, while...

GDP, NFP, OPEC & Lot More To Fuel Markets

November 28, 2016 12:41

Adding to generally observed thin liquidity around mid-month, Thanksgiving holidays at US provided additional reason to the trader's fraternity for cutting down last week's Forex volatility. However, USD Bulls didn't retreat and registered third-weekly up-move by the US Dollar Index (I.USDX) on better than forecast Durable Goods Orders and upbeat...

Another Crucial Week For Global Traders

November 28, 2016 11:49

Another Crucial Week For Global Traders

Following a thin economic calendar bearing week, market players are bracing for another important week where in the much awaited OPEC meeting, coupled with GDP and Job figures are there to shake trading desks. Let's analyze details.

Last Week's Look

Even with fewer economic...